Hong Kong

1 City. 80+ Checkpoints and Challenges. 2 Hours.

Experience the World's Greatest Urban Exploration Race.

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  • Where: Central Harbourfront Event Space
  • Time: 6:30 AM
  • Price: Closed
  • When: May 13, 2018
  • Distance: No set route, no set distance
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Race Intro

District is a movement created to inspire urban dwellers to rediscover their city and level up their fitness. There is no set route and no set distance. Start and finish at the District Base and navigate through the city with the District Race app in your hands.

There are over 80 virtual Checkpoints and Challenges on the grid and you have 2 hours to clear as many checkpoints and challenges as you can.

Play to your strengths, strategise, and choose how you explore. This is an individual race but you can opt to run with your friends.

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What is District?

District is the world's greatest urban exploration race. Powered by cutting edge technology, we bring cities to life as never before. District is a movement created to inspire urban dwellers to rediscover their city and level up their fitness.

The world is yours to explore.

What is the format of the race?

1 City. 80 Checkpoints and Challenges. 2 Hours. You’ll start and finish at the centrally located District Base and then use the District app to navigate through the city, collecting points as you clear Checkpoints and Challenges.

There's no set route and no set distance, its up to you to choose how you explore. Navigate your way across the city and select the Challenges you tackle to play to your strengths. Use a combination of strategy and speed to see yourself climb the leaderboard and collect the ultimate AR finisher medal at the finish line.

Can I use a bike, scooter or motorised vehicle in the race?

No. Leave your laziness at the door and level up your fitness. You can only navigate across the city on foot. The District app has a speed limit detector and our District spies on the Grid will look out for cheats.

Can anyone take part in the District Race?

Yes, District has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore runner or just starting out on your fitness journey. We don’t pretend to be on the hunt for the next Usain Bolt. Get a bunch of friends together, fuel each other’s curiosity and explore your city like never before.

What is the difference between a Checkpoint and a Challenge?

Points are awarded for successfully navigating to a checkpoint or challenge. Additional points are up for grabs when you conquer a challenge. Check out the skills you’ll need to complete each challenge and choose carefully, playing to your strengths.

How do I get started?

Register via Districtrace.com, we accept all main modes of payment. Download the District app and check out our pre-race social challenges. The Grid will be released 24 hours prior to the event day.

Take this time to strategize and have a plan in place. This will save you time in the race.

How do I win?

Winners will be identified with the following criteria: 1. Highest Score 2. Shortest time taken to achieve that score in the event of a tie

Is this an individual or team event?

District is an individual event but we encourage you to form an alliance with your friends and explore together if that’s your thing.

What comes with my registration?

Explore your city in style. You’ll be decked out in our unique event T-shirt and awarded the ultimate AR finisher medal.

How do I collect my race kit?

Dates : 11 – 12 May Time : 12:00PM – 8:00PM Venue : Central Harbourfront Event Space (Gate 6)
 Bring your confirmation emails and ID for verification. All race kits must be collected on the above dates. If you are unable to make it, you may send a representative along with a copy of your confirmation email and ID. There will strictly be no collection of run packs after 12 May.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds available.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

We understand that change is the only constant. We’d rather you run the city, but if you can’t make it, you can transfer your registration. There will be an administration charge of $10, and you’re missing out on a potentially life-changing event. But you won’t be there to find out, will you?

What happens at the District Base?

The Base is the heart of the District race, bringing together District explorers before they journey out onto the Grid. Located in the heart of city, District racers can experience awesome tech focussed activities, augmented reality games, great food and pumping music.

Can spectators join?

The event is closed to registered participants only. Don't miss out on the fun, register today.

What if I have a question that is not covered here?

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected], and one of team will get back to you asap.